Terms and Conditions

Obligations of the host family:
– Welcome and integrate the host into the family´s daily life
– Ensure the maintenance and cleaning of the home
– Provide sufficient equipment in good condition in the host´s room (a bed, a table, a chair, a lamp and a wardrobe minimum)
– Ensure that the room is clean on the arrival of the host
– Prepare and share meals with the host
– Give the host a key to their home
– Offer the host the opportunity to do a load of laundry a week
– Leave a little space in the fridge and in a kitchen cupboard so that the host can keep food and drinks bought by themselves.
– Have Liability Insurance-
– The host families will never give money to the host

COVID-19: commitment with Your Family in Madrid preventive mesures protocol.

Obligations of the host:
– Respect meal times (and notify at least 2 hours before if he/she cannot come home on time)
– Respect the host family and all its members, as well as other hosts, their lifestyle, their customs and their housing. In general, the host must demonstrate to the family that he/she is open to a genuine exchange. Respect the use of communal areas.
– Ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of his/her room.

– The host (or his parents, if he/she is a minor) must have informed Your Family in Madrid when sending his questionnaire, about his allergies, illnesses and / or medical treatments. In case of omission of this information, Your Family in Madrid reserves the right to terminate the host’s stay, with no right to refund the host.
– He/she cannot invite visitors without prior authorization from the family. Overnight visitors are forbidden in any case.
– The host cannot cook. In the case the host keeps food in the kitchen (fruit juice, cakes, etc…), he/she will have to leave the kitchen in the same condition as it was found.

– It is strictly forbidden to take pictures or make a video of the family’s housing without its prior consent.
– Have insurance: European hosts must travel with the European social security card. Hosts from other countries must make sure they have medical insurance.
– Payments are never made directly to the host family.
– Minimum stay is one week (7 nights) for individuals and 4 nights for groups.

COVID-19: commitment with Your Family in Madrid preventive mesures protocol.

Your Family in Madrid obligations:
– Ensure the hospitality of the host families, of their predisposition to warmly welcome hosts and of the comfort level of housing.
– Ensure that the selected host family corresponds to the preferences of the host.
– Periodically check the host families and update descriptions (family members, new layout of housing, updated pictures)
– Transmit to the host all the necessary information to get to the family upon arrival.
– To make every effort to ensure the best relationship between the host and the family throughout the stay.
– In the unlikely event where the host would not be satisfied with the host family, Your Family in Madrid would change the family within a period of no longer than a week.
– The deposit paid by the customer to confirm the reservation will be refunded by the same way of payment after the customer’s departure and inspection of the room. In the event of damage caused by the customer, which could not be covered by the home insurance of the host family, the amount of the repair of the damage will be deducted from the deposit to be returned, after presentation of the invoice to the customer.
-For clients who have paid the deposit by bank transfer, Your Family in Madrid will send an email to ask the client for his account number for reimbursement within 3 days after his departure. The customer has a period of 2 months to send his bank details. Beyond this period, Your Family in Madrid will not be able to refund the deposit.

Your Family in Madrid reserves the right to remove the host from the host family, without any refund of payments already made in the following cases:
– The host has a disrespectful or violent attitude towards the family and relatives or other hosts,  housing and/or property. The host doesn´t respect the use of communal areas.
– The non-payment of rent.

Conditions of modification and cancellation of reservations

A. Modification of reservation and cancellation for the individual
1. Modification of the reservation:
Modification in the booking (change of dates of arrival and / or departure) can be made up to one week before the arrival date initially planned. Beyond this time, the rent for the period between the initial arrival date and the actual date of arrival will be due. The availabilty of the initially confirmed host family will not be guaranteed, and if necessary, the host will be staying with another family.
2. Cancellation
In case of cancellation, the deposit paid to confirm the booking will be returned if the cancellation is made by the customer at least 10 days prior to arrival. For longuer stays (more than 3 months), the cancellation should be made a month prior arrival date.
In case of cancellation during the stay, the deposit will be refunded, but the rent already paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Requests for modification or cancellation must always be communicated by email to our services.
B. Modification of reservation and cancellation for groups
1.Modification of the reservation
The modification of the group reservation (change of arrival and / or departure, change in the number of participants) can be carried out up to one month (30 days) before arrival. If this is case, the host families could be different (due to availability) and the quote will be recalculated based on the actual number of participants. If the change takes place within one month (30 days) prior to the arrival date, a surcharge of € 5 per participant per week is requested and if the number of participants decreases, the difference will not be refunded.
In case of cancellation, the deposit paid to confirm the booking will be refunded only if the cancellation request is made a minimum 1 month (30 days) before the arrival date of the group.
Beyond this time (30 days before the initial arrival date), payments already made will not be refunded (neither the deposit payment nor the 50% of the total booking paid one month before arrival).
In case of cancellation during the stay of one or more participants, payments already made will not be refunded
Requests for modification or cancellation must always be communicated by email to our services


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