COVID-19 Prevention Protocol

Hello everybody!!

As we announced to you in May, we have created a Covid-19 Prevention Protocol to guarantee the safety of our customers as well as our host families this year in Madrid.

We ask all our clients (as well as all our host families) to fill out and sign the document below, before their arrival in Madrid. In addition, this year each host family will only be able to accommodate one student / traveler at a time, in order to guarantee control and serenity for both families and our clients.

Take care of yourself and see you soon in Madrid 🙂


COVID-19 Prevention Protocol


The participants / clients (or their parents or guardians in the event that the participants are minors) of the programs of stays with host families proposed by Your Family in Madrid must show their acceptance, in writing and in advance, of the following participation requirements:

  • The participant / client cannot begin a stay with a host family if he/she has any symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, loss of smell, etc.) that could be associated with COVID-19.
  • The participant / client cannot begin a stay with a host family if he/she has been in close contact or in a shared space without keeping the interpersonal distance with a person affected by COVID-19, even in the absence of symptoms, for a period of at least 14 days. During this period prior to the start of your stay with a host family, you should monitor for signs of the disease.
  • If the participant/client is vulnerable or coexists with a person who is vulnerable due to being older than 60 years, being diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung diseases, cancer, immunodeficiencies, being pregnant or having previous medical conditions, he/she may participate in the family stay programs proposed by Your Family in Madrid. However he/she (or his/her parents if he/she is a minor) must evaluate the risk involved. If you choose to participate, you must record any risk factors to the participant/client and/or his/her family members in the informed consent form.
  • The participant / client must bring his/her European Social Security card, or proof of Private Insurance if he/she is not a European citizen.
  • In the case of cancellation before the start of the stay, the deposit will be returned only in the event of a state of alarm being declared, or the confinement of the geographical area to which the participant / client belongs or to which the host family belongs.
  • In the event of a cancellation during the stay for same reasons, the deposit will be returned after departure, but not the amounts paid for the accommodation of the participant / client.



In the context of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, contractual obligations are added to the general conditions that are already listed on our website ( :

Protocol for host families:

– Application of all the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health and the Community of Madrid (also valid for participants / clients), among others cleaning and disinfection

of objects and surfaces that are frequently touched in the house (door handle, table, chairs, switches, toilets, taps …), the ventilation of the house, and obviously on a personal level (repeated hand washing, respect the safety distance and the use of a mask outdoors at all times, avoid areas of high influx, do not lend personal items to clients …)

– Disinfection of shoes and outer clothing (coat, pants, belt) with a spray (alcohol + water formula) every time the participant / client comes home (the spray will always be available at the entrance of the accommodation so that the client can do so if the family is not there at that time)

– Beginning of the stay, or every time the student returns from the trip (train, bus, plane): disinfection of all the clothes he / she used during the trip + disinfection of shoes and suitcases.

– Towels, rags and napkins will be used exclusively individually (without shared hand towels for example)

– The use of masks will not be mandatory indoors.

– The families will have previously signed a document of acceptance of the new accommodation conditions of the participants / clients, expressing their commitment to the mandatory personal hygiene and prevention measures, their acceptance and understanding of the protocol of action in case of suspicion of contagion or positive contagion, and finally, assuming full responsibility for the possibility of contagion by COVID-19.


Protocol for participants / clients of Your Family in Madrid:

– During the trip, before arriving at the family home, the use of a mask is mandatory, as well as frequent hand washing (or hydroalcoholic gel) throughout the trip.

– During the stay, avoid areas of high influx.

– Disinfection of shoes, bags / luggage and outer clothing, hand washing when the family arrives home.

– Repeated disinfection of personal objects (mobile, keys …) and ventilation of the room.

– Wear a mask outdoors at all times.

– Systematically dispose of all kleenex, wipes (reminder: wipes should not be flushed down the toilet) or disposable personal accessories after use.

– If there are several participants in the family, do not lend or exchange personal items (also outside the home: bottle of water, school supplies, mobile, laptop …)

– In the case of group activities with other participants – especially in the case of school groups – (visits, excursions), mask use will be mandatory.

– Document of acceptance of the accommodation conditions signed by the participant / client or their parents or guardians in the case of minors.





At all times, the host families and the participants / clients will be attentive to the appearance of any symptoms (cough, fever, loss of smell, …)

The emergency services (112) will be called to report the symptoms, and the instructions of the health services will be followed. In case of symptoms, mask use will be mandatory in the home.

The host family and the participant / client will be isolated at home for a minimum period of 15 days, following the instructions of the health authorities of the Community of Madrid. In the event that the isolation period exceeds the days reserved by the participant / client, he/share must pay the costs of the extra nights.

In case of complications, the health authorities will proceed to hospitalize a participant/client who becomes sick.



Name and surname of the participating person:

Passport number:

Name and surname of Father / Mother / Guardian:



Vulnerable group membership ☐ YES            ☐ NO


I declare under my responsibility that I request that the person whose data appears as the participating person, participate in the host family stay programs proposed by Your Family in Madrid, for which I have read in detail the information provided by the organization itself and accept the conditions of participation (POINT 1), I express my commitment to the mandatory personal hygiene and prevention measures contained in the prevention protocols COVID-19 (POINT 2) and to act in case of suspected contagion or positive contagion (POINT 3) and I take full responsibility for the possibility of contagion by COVID-19.


Responsible declaration of not being part of risk groups or living with a risk group

☐I declare that the participant complies with the participation requirements established in the document accepting the conditions for participation, the obligation to provide information and informed consent, not being a risk group.


☐I declare that the participant does not live with anyone who is a risk group, or that, if so, they participate in the activity at their own risk.


Informed consent on COVID-19

☐I declare that, after having received and carefully read the information contained in the above documents, I am aware of the risks involved, for himself and for the people who live with him, in the participation of the participant in the host family stay proposed by Your Famly in Madrid in the context of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, which I assume under my own responsibility.



Name and surname:

Passport number:




☐ I declare to have understood the information provided and I consent to the treatment that will be carried out of my personal data.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that your personal data is processed by Your Family in Madrid, in order to process your request. The owner may exercise their rights of opposition, access, rectification or cancellation, through our email or in the manner provided in Law 30/1992, of November 26.

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