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Hello and welcome on the post of our Madrid Quiz game for this new academic year 2017-2018 🙂 Like the previous editions, you will have to guess every Tuesday where was taken the photograph that we will propose to you on our Facebook page.

Madrid Quiz game: pictures form our last edition games

We are waiting for your answers! Have fun!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 29/08

Madrid Quiz game: Palace of Domingo Trespalacios

To start this season, we take you to the “Plaza de Ramales”, a square full of history, located just next to the Opera and the Royal Palace. The building of the photograph is the Palace of Domingo Trespalacios, built in 1768, very beautiful example of the Madrid architecture of the XVIIIth century. It is located very close to the ruins of a church where the painter Velázquez was burried. But its remains have disappeared when Bonaparte built the square. We leave you a little more information of the history of this square. See you next week!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 5/09

Madrid Quiz: one of the baby heads in Atocha: sculpture by Antonio López

How many good answers this week! Yes, we had made it easy, with one of the baby heads of Antonio López, (this one is called The Night) that are in the station of Atocha. These two heads were installed in 2008, and were inspired by one of the granddaughters of the sculptor and painter, Antonio López is the most quoted Spanish painter, and very present in the cultural  of Madrid. See you next Tuesday, and thank you very much for your participation! 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 12/09

Our game Madrid Quiz: Eloy Gonzalo statue

Good answers again this week 🙂 Yes, it is the statue of Eloy Gonzalo, on Cascorro Square (where the famous market of RASTRO begins every Sunday in Madrid). He was considered a hero of the Cuban War (1895-1898), and the statue was erected in 1902. For more information, click here. See you next week, and thank you for your participation!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 19/09

Our game Madrid Quiz: statue of a city worker sweeping the floor

Yes, you guessed it all !! It is the statue of the sweeper of the Place Jacinto Benavente, in the center of Madrid, close to Sol and the Plaza Mayor. It was inaugurated in 2001, and pays tribute to the maintenance staff of the capital, who, you agree, have a lot of work 🙂 Very realistic, the statue was made from the model of a real sweeper of Colmenar Viejo. Thank you all !!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 26/09

Madrid Quiz: Pious School church

Hello 🙂 We have two winners this week !! These are the former Pious Schools (Escuelas Pías) of San Fernando, in the district of Lavapiés. This school was founded in 1729. Bombed, occupied during the Civil War, the buildings then housed a cinema, but since 2002 they have housed a library. See you next Tuesday!!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 4/10

Our game Madrid Quiz: house of Anan de Mendoza y La Cerda

Yes, it was a bit more difficult this week. This building was the house of Ana de Mendoza and La Cerda, located in Calle de la Almudena, in front of the cathedral. This noble woman is one of the famous figures of the Gold Century (several books, films and telefilms were dedicated to her), which Felipe II presented as an “intriguing to provocative beauty”, and lockes up in Pastraña until her death. We invite you to discover the history of this woman of character here. See you next week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 10/10

Madrid Quiz Game: Royal Monstery of Encarnation

Thanks for your participation one more week, and your good answers! Yes, it is the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation, in the Plaza de la Encarnación, very close to the Royal Palace and the Opera House. For its artistic collections it is one of the most outstanding temples of the capital, with the Convento de las Descalzas Reales. Happy week to everyone!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 17/10

Our game Madrid Quiz: Ésta es una plaza Square

This week, we take you for a walk in the Lavapiés neighborhood, to discover Ésta es una Plaza, Doctor Fouquet Street, 24, a self-managed public space, which offers workshops, free games for children, a vegetable garden and a community garden. It was created in 2008 on the initiative of an urban action collective (Urbanacción). See you next week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 24/10

Madrid Quiz Game: Fountain in Gabriel Miró Square

This week we take you to the gardens of Vistillas, behind the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande, to discover this fountain dedicated to Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Gabriel Miró Square. We devoted a small article to this author in our game Madrid Letters. See you next Tuesday 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 31/10

Madrid Quiz Game: statue of the Phenix

Hello! Yes, good answers or almost this week. Yes, it is Gran Vía, yes it is the representation of a Phoenix, but more precisely, the one located on the roof of the famous Primark store, Gran Vía, 32. There is no less than 5 more or less identical statues in Madrid. Why? Because they represented the “logo” of a large insurance company, La Unión y Fénix Español, that doesn´t exist anymore. Have a good week 🙂


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 7/11

Madrid Quiz game: statue of a lottery salesman from the ONCE

This statue pays tribute to the lottery sellers of the famous blind organization of Spain (ONCE), created in 1938 to help the visually impaired. This statue commemorates the 75th anniversary of this organization in 2013, and can be seen close to Parliament. Have a good week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 14/11

Our Madrid Quiz: monument du Ramon Mesonero

This monument of 1936 dedicated to Ramón Mesonero Romanos, is located in the new gardens of the Ribeira Archetect, just outside Tribunal metro station. These gardens were inaugurated in June 2017. Ramon Mesonero (1803-1882) was a writer, chronicler “costumbrista”. See you next Tuesday!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 21/11

Our Game Madrid Quiz: Madrid Seminary

This religious building is no other than the Seminary, or school of formation of the priests, of the capital, inaugurated in 1906, after Pope Leon XIII installed in Madrid the diocesan seat in 1885. The seminary is located Calle San Buenaventura, near the Vistillas, opposite the cathedral. Have a good week 🙂


Madrid Quiz game, Tuesday 28/11

Madrid Quiz Game: Woman with Miror, statue from Botero

Many good answers this week !! Yes, it is the Woman with the Mirror, Botero, in front of the monument to Christopher Columbus, Calle Genova. It was donated by the artist to the city of Madrid in 1994. See you next Tuesday !!


Madrid Quiz game, Tuesday 5/12

Madrid Quiz Game: Santa Cruz Church


Yes, the picture of this week represents Santa Cruz Church, Calle Atocha. This place of worship dates back to the 13th century, but the current temple was inaugurated in 1902 by the architect and mayor of the Villa at that time, the Marquess of Cubas. The neomudejar bell tower is 60 meters high. Have a good week 🙂


Madrid Quiz game, Tuesday 12/12

Madrid Quiz game: fountain of the delphins, Hortaleza street

An excellent answer this week! Yes, it is a modest fountain, the dolphin fountain, Hortaleza Street, very close to Alonso Martinez, originally created by the architect Ventura Rodríguez in 1772. It occupied a lot more space, and was therefore modified to free space for vehicles. Have a good week!


Madrid Quiz game, Tuesday 19/12

Madrid Quiz game: sealing of the Caixa Forum center

Bravo!!! You guessed the last Madrid Quiz of the year 2017 !! Yes, this is the outdoor ceiling of the Caixa Forum, located in the heart of the “triangle of Art”, on the Paseo del Prado. Inaugurated in 2008, the building was originally an electric station. We love this place, and the many exhibitions and workshops that are offered. We´ll see you next year, and wish you an excellent Christmas holiday 🙂


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 9/01

Madrid Quiz Game: Cerralbo Museum

Happy new year 2018 to all! We start the year by making you discover a little known but very interesing little museum,  the Cerralbo Museum, created in the 19th century by the Marquis of Cerralbo. It is located between Argüelles and the West Park, Calle Ventura Rodriguez, 17. Go and discover it !!


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 16/01

Madrid Quiz Game: one of the buildings of the old North train station

Yes, this is one of the non-renovated buildings of the former North Train Station, now a subway and suburban train station, as well as a bus interchange and important commercial center of Príncipe Pío. This station was built in 1861 and inaugurated in 1882, and abandoned as such in 1990. The rehabilitation of the old main hall is underway, and should be inaugurated in 2019. A large theater will take place. Here’s what it should look like once the rehabilitation is complete. See you next week 🙂


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 23/01

Madrid Quiz Game: Tirso de Molina Square, with flowers street shops

Yes!!! This is the Tirso de Molina Square, in the heart of Madrid. It exists since 1840, but has been totally renovated in 2008. Now everybody know it with its modern fountains and flower street shops. Thank you for your participation!!!


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 30/01

Madrid Quiz Game: Inés de la Cruz Statue

Yes, good answers again this week 🙂 This is the statue of Sister Inés de la Cruz, Mexican poet and mystic, replica of a statue located in México DF. It was made by a Spanish sculptor and donated to Madrid by a group of Mexican residents. It is located near the Temple of Debod, in the gardens of Ferraz Street.


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 6/02

Madrid Quiz: statue "The Birth of Water" in Spain Square

This week, we take you to the Plaza de España, to discover the fountain “The Birth of Water”, work of Manuel Herrero Palacios. Have a good week:)


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 13/02

Madrid Quiz Game: gold bowl above the Bank of Spain

A little difficult maybe this week? It was the golden ball that adorns the roof of the corner of the Bank of Spain, in front of the Cibeles Square. You will find plenty of information about this building with the facade recently renovated here.


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 20/02

Madrid Quiz Game: Giant Chess game in a public garden

This week, we take you to the gardens of Pablo Sorozabal, in front of the National Auditorium, where you will find this amazing giant chess game. It is a small and very pleasant public park, with many bars and restaurants. This chess game is an artistic installation, called “The Dream of the Impossible”. Thank you for participating:)


Madrid Quiz game, Tuesday 27/02

Madrid Quiz Game: Virgen del Puerto church

Many good answers this week 🙂 Yes, this is the Ermita de la Virgen del Puerto, on the banks of the Manzanares River, in front of Campo Del Moro. We leave you a little more information here. Have a good week:)


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 6/03

Madrid Quiz Game: San Vicente town gate

Yes, good answer this week 🙂 This is the Puerta de San Vicente, in Príncipe Pío. This old city gate has a pretty incredible history, which you can discover here. Thank you for your participation and see you next week 🙂


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 13/03

Madrid Quiz Game: Rastro´ds Gardens, or Cheminy´s Square

This week, you have all guessed the neighborhood where our photo was taken, but not the exact location: it is the Chimeney Square, also called Rastro´s Gardens, because it is a small park that is located just on the other side of Ronda de Toledo, where the famous Rastro market ends, every Sunday.


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 20/03

Madrid Quiz Game: wall painting, eyes opened

This week, a little tour in Malasaña area, Calle de la Palma, just for a glance, literally, on the street art so rich in Madrid 🙂 Have a good week!


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 27/03

Yes, you guessed it was the chapel of St. Anthony of Florida, near Príncipe Pío. Goya’s paintings that adorn the vault and walls are unique. But no one of you has said the secret that hides this fountain dated 1798 inside the church. You will find the explanation here.

Madrid Quiz Game: Saint Antoine ChurchMadrid Quiz Game: magic fountain of Saint Antonio Church









Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 3/04

Madrd Quiz Game

Yes, you guessed !!! A photo of Madrid seen from above, from the “Lighthouse” of Moncloa. The entrance costs € 3, but it is nice to take the height from time to time 🙂 Thank you for your participation and see you next week


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 10/04

Madrid Quiz Game: La Almudena Cathedral main door

Yes, you guessed right !! This is the door of the La Almudena Cathedral , the patron saint of Madrid. We strongly recommend the visit (free), and the access to the mirador (2 €) for a panoramic view of the Royal Palace. Have a good week!


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 18/04

Madrid Quiz Game

Yes, this photo was taken in front of the entrance to the Reina Sofia Museum. This is the copy of the Alberto Sánchez sculpture entitled “El Pueblo español tiene un camino que conduce a una estrella” and it was contemporary with the famous “Guernica” of Picasso. More information here. Good week 🙂


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 24/04

Madrid Quiz Game: front of the Valle Inclan Theater

Yes, you have guessed! This is the main front of the Valle Inclán Theater, in the bohemian Lavapiés quarter, on the square of the same name. Have a good week, and thank you for your participation 🙂


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 8/05

Madrid Quiz Game

Yes, it is the Vitalicio Building, on the corner of the Plaza de España and Gran Vía. This building was built in 1930 and with it ended the modernization of the Gran Vía. Have a good week:)


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 22/05

Madrid Quiz Game

Yes, you guessed it !! This is the Cubes Square (1972 sculpture), Calle Princesa. Its real name is Plaza de Emilio Jiménez Millas, and it is best known for all the cinemas around it. See you next week 🙂


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 29/05

Madrid Quiz Game

This is the Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes, in the district of Malasaña. Built between 1624 and 1633, its humble appearance should not deceive you: it contains an impressive amount of beautiful paintings. It served as a temple and hospital to the German soldiers under Philip IV (the queen was Marianne of Austria). Don´t miss it 🙂


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 5/06

Madrid Quiz Game

Yes, you guessed it !! It is the fountain of Diane the Huntress (1850), on the Green Cross Square, that we see from Calle Segovia. The square bears this name, for the green cross which indicated the places of execution of the Inquisition. Thank you for your participation!!!


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 12/06

Madrid Quiz Game

This week, we take you on a tour in Calle Embajadores, in the district of Lavapiés, to make you discover the Pavón Theater (also called Theater Kamikaze). Built in 1925 and recognizable by its Art Deco style, it was totally renovated in 2015. More info here. See you next Tuesday:)


Madrid Quiz game, Tuedsday 20/06

Madrid Quiz game

This is the neighborhood of Malasaña that is on display this week, with this photo of the Plaza de las Comendadoras. A square dating from the 18th century, near the old barracks of Conde Duque, today one of most famous cultural centers in Madrid.


Madrid Quiz Game, Tuesday 26/06

Madrid Quiz Game

This week, for the last Madrid Quiz of the season, we take you to the Matadero, to discover the film archives, inaugurated in 2011 and realized by the architects J.M.Churtichaga and Cayetana of the Quadra Salcedo. To learn more about the architecture of the whole Matadero (it was the slaughterhouses of Madrid until 1996), look here. Have a good holidays!!!!!!

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