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This post will gives you all the answers of our Madrid Quiz, published every Tuesday on our Facebook page. It will make you discover places and things that very few people know about Madrid, and help you to know better the capital of Spain,


Madrid Quiz Tuesday 17/05


Madrid Quiz: Caños del Meca Museum


Caños del Peral Museum
This is the surprising Archaeological Museum of Madrid subway, located inside the station Opera, and you have to pay the metro entrance to access this Museum. There is another museum like this, in Carpetana station.
In this museum you can see archaeological remains of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, which are the old water system supplyof the city center, with its source (Caños del Peral Fountain), aqueduct (aqueduct Amaniel, which brought water from the Dehesa to the Royal Palace) and sewer (Arenal Sewer). All the information here.

See you next week for a new Madrid Quizzz!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 24/05


Madrid Quiz: Evangelical Church El Salvador


This is not a Moorish castle, despite appearances. In fact, it is the evangelical church El Salvador recently constructed (1913) located on Calle Noviciado.

The building, designed by architect Luis Lopez Lopez and raised thanks to the generous contributions of Benita Teixler and Agustin Santa Cruz, faithful of El Salvador congregation creatted in 1872, begun in September 1913 and was inaugurated on March 26, 1915.

The building, besides the temple housed a nursery and a school that were closed in 1937.

See you next Tuesday for a new Madrid Quiz!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 31/05


Madrid Quiz: Matadero Bridge


This is one of the Matadero Bridges, as there is another twin bridge a few meters from the first.

This bridge was built when the works of excavation of the M-30, colossal project that began in 2003, and the bridge was opened in 2010. A total of 11 bridges were built along the river Manzanares between 2003 and 2011.

It is the work of the artist Daniel Canogar, born in 1964, with the collaboration of many teams of architects and engineers.

The art project that adorns this bridge and its twin, entitled “Constellations”, since the bridges are decorated with a large mosaic made of tiny glass pieces. The people that appear in this mosaic are residents of the Matadero área (a total of 25 neighbors ), and the great artist’s work has been to convert each pixel of the photographs in a piece of the mosaic. The surround effect is spectacular and very accomplished.

Go and see those bridges, it’s worth it!

See you next week!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 7/06


Madrid Quiz; Enrique Tierno Galvan Park


Enrique Tierno Galvan Park

This park recently built (its construction began in 1986) is located very close to the metro station Méndez Álvaro (Line 1), in the district of Arganzuela.
It was built during the mandate of the famous Mayor Enrique Tierno Galvan, during the “Movida” alternative cultual period in Madrid . The Mayor promoted the culture and arts in Madrid, and was a real idol of the alternative youth of the time. One of his famous  statements (unimaginable today) was ” if you are not stoned, just get stoned”!!!
It is a beautiful park of 45 hectares, home to the Planetarium Madrid (close for renovation until 2017), an auditorium and an amphitheater, which can accommodate up to 5000 people.
The photo of this week represents the west access to the Planetarium in the park. The concrete construction is a climbing wall on the inside.

Seed you next week!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 14/06


Madrid Quiz: Statue of "Julia", Pez Street


This statue was inaugurated in 2003 by Antonio Santin. It is  located on Calle Pez, famous for its bars and tapas. This statue (they call her Julia because a curious legend about a girl who disguised herself as a man to study in the 1840s) is a tribute to the former University of Madrid that was located in this area. I leave a link to know a little history of this statue.

Congratulations to those who correctly answered and see you next week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 21/06


Madrid Quiz : Archive and Regional Librairy


This set of buildings is now the Archive and Regional Library in Madrid. It is in Delicias, right next to the Railway Museum.
The name on the facade, “Aguila” is the name of the beer which was produced there since the early 20th century. The factory was founded in 1900 by Augusto Comas y Blanco, and the building designed by Eugenio Jimenez Korea, in a neomudéjar in a style typical of the years 1900-1914.
Aguila was a brand of beer famous throughout Spain until the 80s, when Heineken bought it, and gave it another name: Amstel.
Cheers and see you next week for a new Madrid Quiz!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 28/06


Madrid Quiz: Toledo Bridge


Today it was very easy! The photo represents the Bridge of Toledo, right between the metro stations Marqués de Vadillo and Pyrámides. This bridge was built in the early 18th century, in a Baroque Churrigueresque style.

It is the third bridge built in this place, and the only one that survived the flooding of the river prior to 1700.

It is a place of very pleasant walk, and an access point to the magnificent area entertainment of Madrid Río.

See you next week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 5/07


Madrid Quiz: Statue on the roof of San Anton Market


The picture represents a modern sculpture on the roof of San Anton Market, in the heart of Chueca area. This market was inaugurated in 2007, and proposes delicatessen food from Spain but also from other countries. The restaurant on the roof is a perfect place to have a romantic dinner in summer,

“Buen Provecho” and see you next week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 12/07


Madrid Quiz: State Office of Culture


Yes, it was a little difficult this week…The picture represents the State Office of Culture, remarquable building from 16 century, called La Casa de Las Siete Chimeneas (the house of the 7 chimneys). You can discover it in Chueca area, very close to Gran Vía. You will find all the information about this beautiful monument here.


Have a nice week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 19/07


Madrid Quiz: La Casa del Reloj (the Clock House)


This week, Madrid Quiz takes you to the Matadero, to the Clock House (La Casa del Reloj), one of the main administrative buildings of the old slaughterhouse of the capital, today one of the most popular Culural Center (Metro Legázpi).

See you next week!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 26/07


Madrid Quiz: design on a lateral of the Bank of Spain


The photo of this week is a modern relief that appears on one of the side walls of el Banco de España. This building originally designed in the nineteenth century, was enlarged and modified several times. Repair since 2013, this monument unfortunately can not be visited, but we leave you here a Youtube video that allows you to make a virtual visit.


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 3/08


Madrid Quiz: Plaza de los Carros, La Latina

This week, Madrid Quiz takes you to La Latina , in Plaza de os Carros, near Plaza de la Cebada, to show you this ver nice optical illusion, “trompe l´oeil”. You will learn its history on this site.

See you next week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 9/08

Madrid Quiz: Convent of the Sisters Trinitarias

This week, you have found the solution very quickly. This is the facade of the Convent of the Sisters Trinitarias, in the famous Barrio de las Letras where was buried the most famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. Located more precisely in Lope de Vega street, the convent is thus a reference in the Spanish literary history 🙂

You can find more information here.

Thank you for your participation and see you next week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 16/08


Madrid Quiz: Front of Medialab Prado


The picture of this week represents the front of Medialab Prado, a very singular building next to Caixa Forum. It´s a new generation laboratory for investigation, production of cultural projects around new technologies. The wall is a giant electronic screen, a new artistic and technologic performance in the heart of Madrid.

See you next week!!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 23/08


Madrid Quiz: Mayor Street, number 88


This week, Madrid Quiz takes you to Calle Mayor, 88. From the upper left balcony was thrown a bomb wrapped in a bouquet of flowers, to Alfonso XII and his wife, in May 1906. Many people among the assistants died, but the Kings were safe. Since then, there is always a bouquet on the balcony, and nobody knows who put it, and replaces it regularly. More info here.

See you next week!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 30/08


Madrid Quiz: the green frog sculpture in Plaza de Colón


You were very quick to find the answer this week: yes, the picture represents the sculpture of the big green frog in Plaza de Colón, just in front of the Casino. The sculpture was inaugurated in 2014, ast the same time than the Casino (Gran Casino Madrid entrance is just behind the statue), as the frog is a gift from the Casino to the city of Madrid. And it´s green, because is the color of luck:)

You will find here more details about the inauguration, which was really funny!

See you soon!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 6/09

Madrid Quiz: Town Hall


This week we have recieved many different good answers, as this picture represents the Palacio de Cibeles, also called Correos (ex post office), and which is the Madrid Town Hall. Don´t miss the visit of this wonderfull building, with art galeries and it´s roof top, that offers the best view ofthe capital town.

Thank you!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 13/09

Madrid Quiz: Parking of ERmita del Santo shopping zone

The picture of the week wasn´t taken in Miami, but in Madrid, in Virgen del Puerto shopping center. The shopping center is not really big, but you can also find there the Carlos Sainz go-carting circuit, and the Goya Theater. Go and enjoy it!

See you next week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 20/09

Madrid Quiz: "Air accident" statue

This surprising and funny staute, called “Air Accident” is located at the top of a building on the corner between Calle Mayor and Calle Milaneses. You can read all the information here.

Have a nice week:)


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 27/09

Madrid Quiz: General Quarter of the Spanish Army front

This amazing building is the Genertal Quarter of Spanish Army located just behind the Cibeles Palace (Madrid Town Hall). It was built in 1925, in a very impressioning neogothic style. In the same building, just round the corner, you can visit the Navy Museum. Enjoy the visit 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 4/10

Madrid Quiz: Telefónica Fundation stairs

This picture was taken inside the Telefónica Fundation, in Calle Fuencarral, 3. These incredible stairs (view from below) are part of a wonderful designed building you have to visit before you go shopping. Entrance is free, and you can discover the Telecommunication Museum, as well as many temporary exhibitions (see the program).

Have a nice week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 11/10

Madrid Quiz: Príncipe de Anglona Park

This week, Madrid Quiz takes you to the Príncipe de Anglona park, one of the smallest park in central Madrid. Located near Latina area, near Plaza de la Paja, at the corner of Calle de Segovia and Costanilla de San Andrés, this park was a private nobility garden,  created in 1750. For more information, have a look here.

See you next week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 18/10

Madrid Quiz: Restaurant front decorated with earthenware tiles

This week, we took a picture of the front of a restaurant in the very center of Madrid, el Tablao Villa Rosa, decorated with amazing earthenware tiles. Although earthenware decorations are more from South of Spain, you can see some in Madrid center.

Thank you!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 25/10

Madrid Quiz: Monument to Discovering of America

Many of you have answered the picture of the week represents Debod Temple. But no, it isn´t !!! It is the Monument dedicated to the Discovering of America, in Plaza Colón. It was builts in 1977, and it is composed by 3 blocks called The Profecy, The Genesis and The Discovering.

More info here.

Thank you for participating and see you next week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 1/11

Madrid Quiz: Air Army General Quarter

This week, we take you to Moncloa area, to discover the Air Army General Quarter, one one the main representative buildings in Madrid. It was built just after the Spanish Civil War, and was inaugurated in 1943.

See you next week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 8/11

Madrid Quiz: entrance of the History of Madrid Museum

This impressioning barroque door is the entrance of the Museum of the History of Madrid, located in Tribunal, next to the metro. This building was built in the 17 Century, and was originally an hospital (Real Hospicio de San Fernando). The entrance is free, and this museum is really interesting. We recommend it 🙂

Have a great week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 15/11

Madrid Quiz: Lope de Vega court yard in Madrid

This house, and this patio, in the heart of the “Barrio de las Letras” in Madrid, Calle de Cervantes, 11, is the house of one of the most famous writer of the “Siglo de Oro”, Lope de Vega (1562-1635). You can enter the patio for free, and visit the Museum house for very little money. You can find all the information about the writer and his works here.


See you next week:)


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 22/11

Madrid Quiz: 2nd of May Square, in Malasaña area

Yes, you guessed it! This photo was taken on Plaza 2 de Mayo, in the district of Malasaña. This square, and the statue in its center, commemorates the revolt of the Spanish people against the Napoleonic Army, May 2, 1808, and which would be the beginning of the War of Independence. The statues represent the military Daoiz and Torres, who, unlike other Spanish soldiers, took up arms and helped organize the popular uprising. They died as a hero that same day. For more information, click here.

See you soon!


Madrid Quiz: Tuesday 29/11

Madrid Quiz: the "Vecino Curioso" statue

Yes, this week it was too easy !! You all recognized the statue of Calle Mayor, very close to the Cathedral of the Almudena, which represents an elderly man looking at the archaeological remains of the old church of Santa María de la Almudena. It is called “El Vecino Curioso”, and was placed there to attract the attention of passers-by on the exposed excavations. A tradition is to take a picture with him, hand on his posterior !! (The patina of the metal in this place is the proof).

Thank you for your participation!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 6/12

Madrid Quiz: The House of the Lizards

This week, we made you think a little more !! This building of the early 20th century (1911), built by the architect Benito González del Valle, and located in Alonso Martínez, is called the house of the lizards (La Casa de los Lagartos). These lizards decorate this modernist building with some touches of Art Nouveau, and it is worth stopping a few minutes, and to raise the eye to appreciate all the details.

See you next Tuesday!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 13/12

Madrid Quiz: Crypt of Almudena Cathedral

This week, you were many to find the right answer. Yes, it is the Almudena, but more precisely the Crypt of the Cathedral. Finished in 1911, it was a place of worship even before the Cathedral itself. We leave you more information here. And we warmly recommend the visit 🙂

Have a good week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 20/12

Madrid Quiz: fountains of Santander Park

How fast, and many good answers this week! Yes, you guessed, this is Parc Santander, very close to the metro station Canal. This park provides users with many sports areas, even a golf course, and is built above the water reservoirs of the capital (more than 4 million m3 of water!). We leave you here a little more information.

We wish you a merry Christmas, a very, very happy New Year, and we will be back on January 10th for a new Madrid Quiz 2017 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 10/01/2017

Madrid Quiz: SGAE building

Happy New Year 2017!!!!!

Yes, we start the year with a picture very easy to identify! You have recognized it: it is the headquarters of copyright and editors of Madrid. This modernist and Rococco style building  (and, in my opinion, quite tasteless, since it feels like it is covered with whipped cream!) was built in 1905. The headquarters of the SGAE was originally a bank.
For more information, click here.

See you next week!!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 17/01

Madrid Quiz: towers of the San isidro church

This week, our quiz takes you to La Latina neighborhood. The picture depicts the church towers of San Isidro, which is also the San Isidro High School, formerly known as the Imperial College. It is the oldest Spanish high school, and one of the oldest in the world, which was created in 1566 by the Jesuits. Some of the greatest authors of the Golden Age studied there (Quevedo, Lope de Vega) and more recently, famous authors such as Pio Baroja, Camilo José Cela, Antonio Machado, and the king himself (Juan Carlos I ). This High School is bilingual, French and Spanish.

See you next week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 24/01

Madrid Quiz: Glass Palace of Arganzuela

The picture of the week was taken inside the Glass Palace of Arganzuela. Just next to the “Matadero”, this huge botanical garden is little known to tourists. The entrance is free, from Tuesday to Sunday, and the visit is interesting and very pleasant, especially in winter. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, it was totally restored in 1992. Enjoy your visit 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 31/01

Madrid Quiz: building of the Corte Ingles Mall in Nuevos Ministerios

Yes, you have given the good answer: this week’s photo represents the Corte Ingles building, in the Azca center (in Nuevos Ministerios). This store was originally a small family business, a tailor shop, on Calle Preciados, founded in 1890. This small business was developed along with another well-known (and now gone), the Galerías Preciados, a “Galeries Lafayettes “in its time (it occupied the building that is today the FNAC of Callao). The Galerías Preciados were acquired in 1995 by the Corte Inglés, now a giant of the large, medium and small distribution throughout Spain.

See you next week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 7/02

Madrid Quiz: Plaza del Carmen Square, between Sol and Gran Vía

Yes, you have recognized this small square, full of trees, in the very center of Madrid: the Plaza del Carmen. Its name is due to the old Convent of the Carmen Calzado that occupied previously this square. The painted wall that is seen at the bottom of the photograph was an old “fronton” (raquetball wall), which became a cabaret, then a movie theater, and it is now occupies by a hostel.

Have a nice week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 14/02

Madrid Quiz: urban paintings on a wall in Lavapiés district

Happy Valentine’s Day  🙂 This week, our Madrid Quiz pays tribute to street art, with a mural located next to the Antón Martín Market, in Lavapiés district. A message of tolerance and peace between the different communities that live together in this colorful neighborhood. We will let you more info and pictures of urban paintings here.


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 21/02

Madrid Quiz: Ricardo Angustias Palace

This week we will take you to the Plaza de Oriente, where you will discover the Ricardo Angustias Palace. This building constructed between 1920 and 1922 is located Plaza Ramales. The paintings that adorn its facade on the highest levels are remarkable, but deserve a renovation.We leave you more information on this building as well as on the history of the Place here.


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 28/02

Madrid Quiz: San Andrés Church, in La Latina district

We will take you this week in the neighborhood of La Latina, to make you discover the church of San Andrés. It is one of the oldest churches in Madrid, dating back to the 12th century, which was once a mosque. San Isidro, the patron saint of the city of Madrid, was buried there. To discover the history of this church is also to discover the history of the capital. Enjoy the reading 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 7/03

Madrid Quiz: the violets salewoman (La Violetera) statue

It is almost spring, and this week we celebrate the International Women’s Day, so we present you the Violetera statue (1990)  which has been strangely controversial. She pays tribute to the song (Copla) written by José Padilla in 1914. The statue is located in the gardens of the Vistillas, in Gabriel Miró Square. Have a good week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 14/03

Madrid Quiz: The Press Palace building

This week, it was very easy to recognize the photo of our game: it is the Palace of the Press, on the Gran Vía (in front of Callao). This building, built at the end of the 20s, was the highest of the famous avenue of Madrid, before the construction of the Telefónica building. It now houses a cinema, and apartments. See you next Tuesday 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 20/03

Madrid Quiz: fountain in front of the Debod Temple, in West Park, at sun set.

Yes, you guessed !! It is the fountain located in front of the Temple of Debod, in the West Park . This temple, rebuilt stone by stone in 1968, is a gift from Egypt to Spain, thanks to its help for the protection of other Egyptian temples, threatened by the construction of the Aswan dam. The entrance is free, and you can discover here educational activities for your school groups. See you next week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 28/03

Madrid Quiz: front of San Jerónimo Church

Many have been successful this week 🙂 It is indeed the Church of San Jerónimo, located just behind the Prado Museum. In fact, part of the museum was its former cloister. It was built by the Catholic Monarchs in the early 16th century. It is the only building of Gothic style in Madrid, and its illumination at night is just awesome. The visit is free.


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 4/04

Madrid Quiz: metallic deer of the flowers shop "El Jardín del Angel"

This week, a somewhat unusual picture: the patio of the florist “El Jardín del Ángel“near the Plaza Santa Ana. The plot on which it is located is the site of an old cemetery (which existed from the 16th to the 19th century). It is a place full of history, in the heart of the Barrio de las Letras. Here we give you a good overview. See you next Tuesday!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 11/04

Madrid Quiz: city entrance Puerta de Toledo

This week, one of the most recent city gates: the Puerta de Toledo. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century, in honor of King Fernand VII, on the model of a triumphal arch, following the victory over the French occupation. It replaced the earlier doors, the first dating from the 15th century. Have a good week!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 18/04

Madrid Quiz: Segovia Viaduct

Yes, you guessed very quickly this week 🙂 It is the Viaduct of Segovia, in Bailén Street, built as it is today in 1942. It is known as the bridge of the suicides. And he has a very long and turbulent history: we leave you here all the details. See you next Tuesday 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 25/04

Madrid Quiz: front of the hotel Mayorazgo

We offer you this week the main front of the Hotel Mayorazgo, a 4-star hotel, located at Calle de la Flor Baja, right on the Gran Vía. The trompe l’oeil painting of a Manila shawl is very original, and refers to the theme of the hotel, which contains a real small museum of the popular history of Madrid. Have a good week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 2/05

Madrid Quiz: fountain in Paseo de Recoletos

The miniature temple with four columns was created in the last renovation works of the Paseo de Recoletos in 1969, where a statue, the Mariblanca, unfortunately vandalized in 1984, was standing for a few years. A real fountain existed approximately at this point in the 17th century. See you next Tuesday:)


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 9/05

Madrid Quiz: front of the Civil Engineering University

This week, we take you near Ríos Rosas, to discover the front of the Civil Engineering University of  Madrid (ETSI Minas y Energías). This magnificent building was built by the architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco in 1893 and decorated by Daniel Zuloaga, a great specialist in the art of ceramics at the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The University can be visited as it is a public building. Have a good week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 16/05


This futuristic building is none other than the Barceló Market, located very close to the exit of the Tribunal metro. This market, inaugurated in 1956 has been renovated and has taken its present form in 2014. It hosts many shops (more than a hundred), a gym with a splendid terrace and even organizes parties. Have a good week:)


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 23/05


A religious building this week: the church of Santa Teresa and Saint José, between the Plaza de España and the Parque del Oeste. This church was the first to be built in concrete and was inaugurated in 1928: very heterogeneous in its architectural style, it looks like a castle with its battlements 🙂 A Bysantine style dome(which can be seen perfectly from the Royal Palace) adorns his roof. See you next Tuesday!


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 30/05


We show you this week the statue which is right in front of the school of Art La Palma, in the street of the same name, in the district of Malasaña. The dynanism of this sculpture attracts the eye. It was unfortunately several times vandalized, but always restored and put back in its place, for the enjoyment of passers-by. Have a good week:


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 6/06

rsz_img_20170521_113614_002 (1)

Yes, you guessed !!! It is the interior façade of the Museum of the ABC, Calle Amaniel, next to Conde Duque, the museum of one of the most well-known dailies in Spain. One can think what one wants about the newspaper, but the museum is to visit absolutely: most of the exhibitions are free 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 13/06

Madrid Quiz: front of the Descalzas Convent

This week, we take you to the center of Madrid, the Convent of the Discalced Sisters (Monasterio de las Descalzas), founded in 1559 by Juana of Austria. It is located between Sol and Ópera. The church and the cloister are beautiful. We leave you here the details of the schedules of visit, a little complicated, since the convent always lodges the Sisters, and the access is therefore not free.


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 20/06

Madrid Letters; front of a building painted by Mingote

Two persons have guessed this week:) Yes, this building was decorated by Mingote (famous illustrator we have taked about in our game Madrid Letters), located in Duque de Osuna street, near Plaza de España. Have a nice week, and a nice summer 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 5/07

Madrid Quiz: Solar and Lunar Clock

This week a discovery Puerta de Toledo: the solar and lunar clock (9 clocks in total). The set was calculated by Juan José Caurcel, teacher of mathematics, and built in 1988 and restored in 2005. Have a good week 🙂


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 11/07

Madrid Quiz: Calatravas church front

You guessed well: yes, it is the front of the church of the Calatravas, Calle Alcalá. This church is in fact what remains of one of the largest and most important convents of the capital, the Convent of the Royal Conception. It knew all its splendor in the 17th century, because, more than a convent, it had become a true palace of the court, meeting point for the nobility. Only the church survived the “de-amortization of Mendizábal” and the democratic period during the second half of the 19th century, during which many ecclesiastical monuments were destroyed.


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 18/07

Madrid Quiz: front of Vincci Hotel Soho

A lot of good answers this week 🙂 Yes, this is the facade of the Vincci Soho Hotel, Calle de León. Work of Elena Pinedo, of the brand Coolesguay. The façade of this hotel has often been transformed: before the arrival of the ants, it was adorned with an immense silver salamander. Have a good week:)


Madrid Quiz, Tuesday 25/07

Madrid Quiz: front of Desigual biggest shop in the world, in Callao, by night

A night photo to finish our Madrid Quiz of the academic year 2016/2017. Yes, Spanish teachers have guessed well! 😉 This is the facade of the Desigual store, in Callao, the world’s largest store of the brand. Have a great summer, and see you back in September !!

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